Wearing Kimono Much More as Casualy and Feeling Freely

Why People Choose Us

  • We tie obi in various ways for free while it’s charged at other shops.
  • We pick up kimonos depending on season from plenty of “Kimono Kanamitsu”‘s stock.
  • We are the only ship that offers renting Kimono in Okayama and returning it in Kurashiki.
    (Rentning in Kurashiki and returning in Okayama is OK also.)
  • Post #chacha_kimono hashtag and spot information on SNS, and get free gift.
  • You may find your favorite from various Kimonos.

「Just Bring Yourself!」

We want people to feel closer to kimono and enjoy it casually.

■I think people wearing kimono neatly is attactive…
■But I feel kimono is too difficult for me…
■I’d like to have kimono experience someday in Kyoto…

For people feeling like this, we have special suggestion.
try Kimono casually like daily clothes.  Just come to our place, go out, do many things, and enjoy!
You’ll have a memorable and unusual kimono experience!

Suggestions on Your Situations

If You Are a Resident of Okayama…

You would feel differently dressed in kimono even if you are at the same place and doing the same thing.
Enjoy yourself dressed differently on many events.

If You Are a Tourist…

There are many locations that kimono would be perfectly fitted, like Korakuen Garden and Okayama Castle in Okayama City.
Kurashiki is famous for Bikan Historical Quarter.
Once you are in kimono, you’d feel if you have slipped back in an old time.